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9NDA3+ and MAxtor Sata HDD not recognized after reboot


I just set a new epox 9nda3+ with two SATA hardrive on SATA1 and SATA2
the first one is a WD raptor 74Go
and the second is a maxtor Diamondmax 10 250Go

When i lauchn the PC the both drive are recognize without problem. but if i reboot, the maxtor aren't detected and the board block at the step 77.
i need to shut down the computer to be able to have the HDD recognized.

i tried with all the SATA port, and i got the same issue.

After looking at the maxtor website a found this issue on a gigabyte board


SATA drive is not detected when connected to the onboard SATA controller of a Gigabyte motherboard.

Certain Gigabyte motherboards that have a built in SATA controller have a problem with detecting SATA drives when the system is restarted.

Please visit Gigabyte's website,, to determine if your motherboard has a BIOS fix.
And i wonder if the problem come from my hard drive (as the raptor isn't affected) or from the motherboard.

do you have experimented error like that with two SATA drive?
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