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i also have problem with my WD sata hdd
before epox i was running MSI NEO 2 Platinum
and my 2 x 120 WD were in RAID0 so after mobo switch
i can use only 1 drive
because mobo thinks that other is still in RAID0
one drive is formatted but i cant format the other one
because it still thinks that it is 2 x 120gb in raid0(230gb)

what the hell is wrong with it? how can i format the other drive?
should i take working drive out and try to format not working?

any ideas?

also sorry for my bad english
CPU: A64 3200+ Winchester @ 2700mhz / 1,61v
MOBO: Epox 9NDA3+ @ 270mhz / 5X HTT
MEM: 2 x 256MB Adata Vitesta PC4500 (TCCD)
GFX: Gigabyte X800PRO 256MB 475/900 @ 570/1100
PSU: Antec Truepower 550w
CPU: Arctic Cooling Freezer 64
GPU: Waterchill DYO VGA(max temp 28C)
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