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Hi guys
I've had a good break and so has the camera!
The USB lead is broken so have ordered a 20 in 1 card reader.
I'll put up a load of new piccys when it arrives

For the past week, I have demo'd and used the projector nearly 100% of the time, my monitor is off. The OHP screen (rather than the sheet) has made all the difference, it is quite an amazing display. Currently its about 5ft diagonal.
Everything is crystal clear, very bright and is much better to use than my 22" Iiyama monitor!
I was previously worried about dark movies and games, no more!! Everything is very good. A tiny amount of tweaking is done, just the same as I always did when using my CRT monitor/TV. Basically, I turn Digital Vibrance up a tad to improve colours and increase the gamma slightly on movies. Thats it.
The OHP is sat on the floor in front of the sofa, projecting the image which is central to my eye height onto the OHP screen about 6ft away from me. Absolutely perfect.

Its taken some time to work out why I had poorer results to start with. It seems that since I changed the bulb, I've only had good results. Bad bulb?
Now it runs on OHP low power mode, produces a vivid colourful picture.
Its useable in daylight for Windows use and with the curtains closed is perfect for games and movies. Its fine for Windows use with the lights on!
About 1/15th of the right of the screen is lost as the OHP isnt quite as wide as the 15" display. The only problems this gives is not being able to see your Ammo in some FPS games and the X button to close a Window isnt in view. Double clicking on the top of the window shrinks it into view, or right click, close

I cant recommend this project enough.
The demo reports are glowing, it has surprised many people including myself. The projector provided winamp visuals and music all night at the New Years party.
I'm doing another demo tomorrow.

Yet to be built:
LCD screen solid mount
Dark OHP/LCD cover with fans blowing onto the top and underneath the LCD
Extra fan inside OHP

For now I'm enjoying it. The rest of the project will be completed in the next few weeks as I decide on the best materials to use.

Go for it

PS if you havent tried the Winamp plugin 'R4' give it a go. Very impressive, especially at 5ft
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