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Originally Posted by piccoLEW
thanks. i dont think i should go buying any more gfx card anyway, i'm gonna hold off for a bit.
Wise decision.
If you can get a FX5900 (not the XT) cheap, it will be better value for money. Most clock quite well too. My old XFX FX5900 clocked beyond Ultra speeds, but beware, any FX card cannot handle DirectX9 calls at 24bit shader precision, running them at the slower 32bit. ie Halflife 2. There are mods to make Halflife2 work better with 16bit precision, its not always straight forward though.

Other than that I would save for at least a 6600 or 6800 256MB.
To be honest, I would only recommend these 2 now if buying a new card (or the ATI equivelant if you are so inclined).
Use RivaTuner to unlock pipelines/shaders that have been disabled on the less than GT cards. You should get something extra for free.
Theres always clocking too
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