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Originally Posted by Lazgoat
Hey RM, I've got this Folding Installer on my two machines and I've changed the config name from yours to mine. I'm not sure whether I've completed any WU's yet so I dont know whether it was successful or not. If you notice two odd WU's please let me know.


due to the amount of times the versions of this installer have been downloaded, i have no way of knowing whether one of your cpus is running under my name, i cant spot an odd WU. i know for sure there are at least 4-5 cpus running under my name that i cant account for.

i myself have 6 computers running fah, then two more that my friends are running, that makes 8, my user page shows 13 active cpus, thats 5 extra (wait... extra is good) that i dont know where or who they are comming from.
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