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Originally Posted by Cesium
alright, im glad that worked out

my lcd came today (newegg rocks) and since my friend has the dremel, i wont be cutting till tomorrow morning, but i set everything up anyways with the ohp plastic at standard. I threw everything for the ohp back together real quick and i think i may have inverted the fresnel lense since im getting a strange blur that leads to the right only (not visable when looking directly at the lcd)

yeah, as i was dismantling my lcd, i was really smart and assumed that the tft panel would be slightly stuck onto the backlight, so i kinda dropped in 5 feet in the air, hitting halfway down the corner of my desk and then onto the nice carpeting. I thought for sure i had screwed it, but i quick tested it and miraculously it survived! sure saved me a lot of potential hassle

I have to find some sort of backdrop other than my yellow paint to project onto...would a white bed sheet work?

heres some shaky digicam pics of what i have thus far

Hi Cesium
Making your own projector deserves its own thread!
If you can start a new thread it will help us both

I tried a bedsheet, it wasnt pretty. I spent most of my time trying to compensate for how bad it was! (and whinging - read previous posts).
If you can get a big sheet of bright white paper, it may do fine for testing. Get a decent screen as quick as you can though, it makes yer smile that much bigger If you can possibly borrow an OHP screen just to see the difference you can gauge how long you can do without one!

I read that handling the fresnel lense with fingers is a no no. Maybe as its hard/impossible to clean the ridged side? Thought you might need to know that. I used fingers very carefully to hold mine by the edge and wiped it clean after.

I'm glad your panel survived the fall. Dont they seem delicate?
Nice Video

Get Winamp and the R4 Visual plugin. I sat for hours last night, beer in hand playing tunes quite loudly and was rivetted to my seat. Awesome. It looks like you can touch the visuals, the picture is real solid.
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