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Originally Posted by Cesium
yep, the blur was fixed when i noticed that one of the top lenses wasnt quite centered.

i looked around and couldnt find anything to use that is big enough to work as a screen that wouldnt cost much... im cheap but i'll eventually get there

i used an option in the menu of the lcd which shrunk the horizontal just enough so that it fits perfect after my cutting

note that i have my ceiling fan blowing full blast until i get some more permanent type

about your mouse lag, be sure that your projector is your main monitor, that fixed it for me

haha, nice vid!
Have to say the result looks real good.
Search on US Ebay for words: screen material Pretty good prices!

To test the NVKeystone correction properly I installed 66.93 WHQL and then made the projector the main display and the only display. Using Keystone correction, the mouse is always laggy. Without Keystone its nice and smooth. Oh well.
Nice feature your LCD has to shrink the screen!

I've been reading about UV and IR light filters.
It appears if your light produces enough UV light, it will fade the screen colours over time to a browner shade. Not good, I need to find what the different OHP bulb characteristics are and see how bad my bulb is.
IR filters to stop heat do apparently damp the light a little too. If you can tell from looking, what is the cooling layer made from in your OHP?

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