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Originally Posted by Nanoman
Well hi there guys, you true pioneers of value cinema

First, big Hail hail hail to Chernobyl who inspired me with his work like no man before...Bravo dude, you rock!!! Cesius, thanks for posting that video, now we can clearly see how this whole subject is awesome and how no one should leave it behind. I know I won`t, I just can`t wait to put my hands into it

Thinking about it...first question popped out. Looking at my place i realized that only option that i have is a wall-ceiling mount which is not scary for me cause i did a lot of stuff like that in my flat. One thing in which i`m not quite sure is maximum length of VGA cable that can provide picture without quality loss. Do you maybe now something about it? Can it go to lenghts like ... 7 meters?
I`m not sure that i can move my PC from place where it sits, so a long cable would be great solution.

Big greetings to you all

Cheers Nanoman, you are welcome

I read only today (yesterday?) that a VGA cable shouldnt be much longer than 13ft. I imagine the quality of the cable will affect this too. You never know it might work but that is quite a bit longer.
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