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Thanks for your replies I will surely make one (at least ) but my tempo will no way be as fast as yours are. When you are living here in Novi Sad (Serbia & Montenegro) every purchase via internet is nightmarish. Phhuu...I remember my quest for my Ibanez RG570 which i bought on ebay from was something like 3 months of spear fighting with banks and automated denial servers

But despite all that, i`m gonna give it a big shot! Did you guys noticed any "laws" when buying a OHP? I mean about singles, doubles, triplets...what`s the difference in our story here? And of course lumens. Is it buying a 2000-3000 lumens ohp a waste of money or could be enough? I presume it`s bad, but what do I know

Guys, thanks for all your info, it means a lot for me. Here I can`t go to check it nowhere and you can also imagine how long a wrong shopping and a replacement for it can last from here. Your are a real and one and only source for me now.

And Yeah, somewhere I have few light bulbs named "True Sunlight" "Bright White" or something like that...the key is that bulbs are colored in (when light is off) transparent dark blue, exact complementary colour from volfran yellow. When that two colors mix, (although when on..bulb looks pretty light marine blue) what you get out of it is a really bright and white light. Just than you realize how a classic bulb is realy yellow These bulbs are actually used in photography and anywhere where the fine control on colors is reqiured. I`m saying all that just in case that bulbs or anything of your equipment again starts to grow yellow, maybe you could use filters of that colour. If it`s interesting, check out phillips, i know they surely are making bulbs of this type.

Sure I`ll be around
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