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Originally Posted by fearless joe
NANAOMAN, i dont know if this helps but you can get wireless pc to tv converters like this one on ebay
i presume you can get the sam kinda thing for a vga, if not a converter would bbe needed like im planning to get so i can avoid my pc alltogethher, bbut there not cheap

those mirrors are called cold mirrors, i think, its what people use then they make the compleat diy projector, ie with out the ohp, although i cant vouch for how well they work

p.s my ohp cam wahay
Nice idea Joe.
I wouldnt use that one though as you will get a TV quality (SVHS) picture on your projector.
Quoted from the link
"Q. Will it work with projectors?
A. Check your projector has composite video input PAL – most do!"

This type of device is more suitable but does cost more
It may be worth looking around for others.
I used the search term: vga video extender

If you convert your sound optical out to SPDIF line out, you can extend a phono lead down the room and convert back to Optical or if you are lucky and have SPDIF line level in/out, use it directly. Brilliant for taking 5.1 sound long distance. This will give 5.1 sound in DD or DTS movies on any 5.1 system with digital out.
If you have an NForce2 motherboard with Soundstorm, all 5.1 PC sound can be sent via the one cable to your amp.
2.9m DIY home made LCD PC projector !
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