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Hey guys, I know I am bringing to life an old thread, but I accually have the same problem and a google search brought me here. I had a 256MB 9800 Pro, card crashed, got a new one and had it flashed to an XT B4 it came to me. Had the Rev 3 installed on the first one, worked great, installed it on the flashed one, no dice. Fan spins backwards. Though I am not sure if its because of the flash, or the model of 9800 pro I got. The first one had 16 mem chips (8/side), my new one has 8 (4/side). What card do you have Leekirlew? (assumeing you still have your card) And if you did fix your problem, what did you do? I thought I could beat the problem by getting a 9800 XT cooler, but as I understand the holes are in a different spot, and being that my board was originally a Pro, I believe I need to make this one work. Though correct me if I am wrong. Thanx in advance guys.

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