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Originally Posted by Cesium
is it possible to upgrade the wattage in my ohp without spending more money than a quick wiring job? move it from its current 360watts to say 400 or more?
obviously a new bulb would be required
Maybe but there are risks.
A higher power bulb will generate more heat and may not last very long.
The lighting components may not be designed to exceed the current rated power + heat levels, the electrics could get damaged.
The new bulb you get may be a different fitting/shape/size/light shade. Sticking with the same type of bulb from the same manufacturer should help.
The size and shape of the bulb may require a different bulb reflector.

Its worth giving it a shot with a good screen if you are after more brightness.
It sorted me out

Another worthy note: After watching the life end of 2 bulbs, the picture does darken with a yellow tint. This became noticeable towards the end of their lives. It still looks marvellous, just dont look at your normal monitor first I imagine a similar thing will happen with your bulb and projectors too.
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