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Question Looking for a fan mod, or one to buy...

I have a resevoir on my WC setup that mounts to the blowhole at the top of my case. I have my 120mm fan sucking air thru my radiator and 2x 8mm fans as exhausts on the side and front. The air still seems to get a _lot_ warmer in the case, so I want to add another exhaust to see if it helps.

I've played with the intake/exhaust flow pattern on the setup and it's coolest temps are the way I have it now. I'm looking for a fan that will suck air in the *side* of the fan and blow upwards. I attached a (very) simple diagram to help explain it.

I've been partly successful in modding a fan by cutting out the sides and super-glueing pieces of plastic on the fan blades to give them a cup-style blade. It worked for a minute. Unfortunatly, the super-glue wasn't strong enough and the pieces went flying everywhere. Luckily they missed me!

Anyway, if anyone has seen a fan like what I'm looking for of have done this type of mod before, I'd love a little direction before I lose an eye!
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