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6800gt not that great :(

Just got my Vantech ION 400W PSU and XFX 6800GT delivered.
To tell you the truth I wasn't impressed with the 6800gt. The nalu mermaid tech demo was running at only 20fps, and all my games are not as huge an improvement over my 9600xt as I would have imagined. Anti-aliasing still causes lag at resolutions above 800x600, and 3dmark '05 was a total disappointment - never above 30fps and sometimes as low as 19 fps. I even discovered I had to reduce the level of detail in Metal Gear Solid 2 (my favourite game) to be able to play it!! True, it's because of a driver incompatibility, but that still sucks

Doom 3 was the only game where I was seeing a difference-120fps at 1024x768 4x aa is a huge leap from the 35fps on the 9600xt.

I guess I just got it and need to tweak it, but is it going to make a huge difference? experience tells me no.

I modded the card's bios to run at 400mhz gpu / 1.1ghz ram but don't see a real difference.

I might be doing something wrong....
What's the standard performance for a 6800GT?
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