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I'm using:

AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ running @ 2.1GHZ (210x10fsb)
1GB DDR400 RAM @ 2-3-5-2
ePOX 8KDA3J mobo

I'm really disappointed at my predominantly below 60fps speeds. I'll run 3dmark05 and see what I get.

Maybe the Nalu tech demo is supposed to play at 20fps?

I just ran 3dmark 05. My result is 5040 marks
Originally Posted by ApeTheDog
I'd like a hardware card than can transform random amounts of ****ty plot and dialogue into brilliant stories of planescape: torment proportions. That would truly make games better.
PC Specs:
It's Black. What more do you need to know?
3DMARK05 SCORE: 6038

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