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Originally Posted by mashakos
I'm using:

AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ running @ 2.1GHZ (210x10fsb)
1GB DDR400 RAM @ 2-3-5-2
ePOX 8KDA3J mobo

I'm really disappointed at my predominantly below 60fps speeds. I'll run 3dmark05 and see what I get.

Maybe the Nalu tech demo is supposed to play at 20fps?

I just ran 3dmark 05. My result is 5040 marks

Your 3DM05 score is on the nail.
I get similar scores to a 3200+ CPU, my 3DM05 score is 5500 ish with the Tech Connect 71.24 tweaked driver.
The more you use your 6800, the more it will shine. I never think I need another card, it does what I want when I want it, very nicely

Not all features of the 6800 series are used in older games, so these dont see the same improvement that DX9 and newer OGL games see. Tech demos are... well, tech demos. At least you can see movement now
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