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Originally Posted by mashakos
I just realised something. I was using my old geforce 4mx, and I downloaded the latest detonator drivers since they're for all nVidia cards and I shouldn't reinstall them when I get my card. So all I did was swap my geforce 4mx with the 6800gt, wait for windows to boot and prompt me to restart the computer and started using my pc. Should I have uninstalled the detonator drivers and reinstalled them for the 6800gt? I'm asking because I'm noticing that AA and AF are of similiar quality to the geforce 4mx and I know that can't be right

I did a similar thing last night:
I told Rivatuner to turn my card into a Quadro (CAD version of my card). On reboot, it had installed the original Microsoft Driver that comes with XP.
Re-installing the GFX driver fixed it
(I now have a Quadro!)
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