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I use that mod and get the same problem. I also had the chance to test on my system one Leadtek 6800 GT and one Leadtek 6600. In 3dmark 05 I had 5031 without overclock with 6800. I think your card is fine. I also had the chance to check how the 6800 was behaving with 4AA and 8AF in Chronicles of Riddick and Doom3 and NFS Under2. No problems whatsoever, frames from 70 up to 120!!! 6800 is a "bad" card. With 6600 I had a problem but I fixed it by enabling VSYNC. I think you should be very happy!!! And about Nalu, it's not a game, if it's running bad so be it, I don't care. Try nalu for 6600 that would go well on your 6800.

I've heard that linux community came up with better implemented security in it's latest Linux Mint Gold version, it's actually preventing the user to log in, thus posing 0 risk in contamining the computer with malware! Well done to the open source community!

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