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Originally Posted by Cesium
i STILL cannot get rid of my blur issue... the whole screen is in focus, but only the bottom portion is clear of an upward directing white haze

i'm gonna scratch that power upgrade idea since i think i might get a new ohp

oh and i ordered a screen off ebay so that should come around friday

Hi Cesium
I'm not sure if you have the same issue I used to.
I found that by raising the back of the LCD a bit higher than the front, I was able to get better focus across the whole screen.
Prior to that, I could focus the top or the bottom or have slightly defocused whole screen with the very centre in focus.

Can you focus either the top or bottom? Or is the white haze there regardless?

Well done with the screen, which one did you order?

Oh yes, I just plugged in my old WinTV card (I dont have video in on my gfx card). It now does up to 768x576 res!
It captures video and audio using DivX or XVid and MP3 sound.
I'm using a Video Recorder as the Tuner (rather than the card cos its rubbish) using SVHS input to the card. Its not possible to capture at full res while watching at the same time, but 640x480 with DivX set to HDTV 4:3 works brilliantly.
Using these settings: MP3 is 56Kb/s non configurable and sounds fine, Video is 895Kb/s.
File size is excellent, nearly 8MB/minute
I have attached a small sample. You will need DivX5 or another decoder installed to play it back.

The WinTV card uses the Video drivers Full Screen Video settings. This means I can play with WinTV on the monitor while watching full screen on the Projector. Maaaaarvellous.
The quality of the TV picture is amazing for the size. I didnt really expect it to be useable, but it truly is.
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