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Well I for one will be glad to see you get that Asus board to go with that 3.0C Northwood. That way I know my Epox 4PDA2+Ver.2 will have yet another Canterwood board to slap around. I mean why on earth would you want to get an Epox board like mine? Afterall right now on the Aquamark ARC I have the highest score in the world for Northwood chips. Well there is one guy on there with a 3.2 extreme edition who is ahead of me and there are 7 other guys on there ahead of me with the new extreme edition prescotts that are all Vapo-chilled. that's right! Right now when compared to processors running up to 5000mhz On the ARC I have the 8th fastest P-4 system in the world. Not bad for a lowly 865 chipset. On a tiny little Epox 4PDA2+Ver.2 mobo.
I'll tell you what I tell everyone, My Epox board has killed and mamed so many Canterwood boards that I just can't keep count. there is just carnage all around me.
This is the best Motherboard I have ever used and the fastest you will ever see!! When coupled with a Northwood. But, hey if you want to go buy an Asus be my guest. Then you can perform the droop mod and then the mem voltage mod and then you will still lag behind this board that can go to 1.85v Cpu, 2.2v. AGP, 3.3v Mem!. I'll be looking forward to seeing you in the benchmark area. Ok that was a little sarcastic. But, you really should read up on this board and do a little comparing. Then make up your mind. I think you know which i would recommend.

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