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Originally Posted by brunobm
Hey guys, first of all i have an epox 8kha+

I have an AXP1800+ Tbred on it. last month i had 2x256mb ddram pc2100 but one of the rams stopped working out of nowhere! so i continued using my pc normally, only with 256mb ddr and no overclock...

today suddenly my pc freezes (the temp was normal, 43°C) and when i presses the reset button the motherboard was beeping with a "C1" error. The manual says it's related to memory...strange, its the second memory i've apparently lost!

i haven't tested other memories yet cuz i don't have em here...but is there any chance the problem is something else?

oh and the computer doesn't even show the bios screen, the monitor never lights up...

help me please!!!!!!
Hi Brunobm
try resetting your CMOS. If the machine boots up, set your Ram timings to fairly slow. Make sure everything is stable in Windows, then speed up the Ram timings until you find where it fails.
You may want to consider boosting the Chipset and Ram voltages in case some component has aged on your motherboard or PSU.
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