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Old 12th January, 2005, 05:25 PM
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alright, this is what i have...

i cleared CMOS but it didn't help, the computer still won't boot and beeps with a C1 error...

i'm not an expert but i think i found the leaking capacitors...i took a picture, see if it really is a leaking cap:
(the pictures are large)
if it is a leaking cap i think i'm in trouble...i found 8 of them!
oh, and in case anyone needs to know, my motherboard is 3 years old.

i'm now going to test my two ddr memories that supposedly no longer work in another computer.

but how do i solve my problem if it is the capacitor?? i mean, i'm no expert...if the problem is a worn out memory i could buy a new one, but considering that two broke in a month i think there's something else to it...

please help!!!
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