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Originally Posted by brunobm
alright, this is what i have...

i cleared CMOS but it didn't help, the computer still won't boot and beeps with a C1 error...

i'm not an expert but i think i found the leaking capacitors...i took a picture, see if it really is a leaking cap:
(the pictures are large)
if it is a leaking cap i think i'm in trouble...i found 8 of them!
oh, and in case anyone needs to know, my motherboard is 3 years old.

i'm now going to test my two ddr memories that supposedly no longer work in another computer.

but how do i solve my problem if it is the capacitor?? i mean, i'm no expert...if the problem is a worn out memory i could buy a new one, but considering that two broke in a month i think there's something else to it...

please help!!!

Yes, they dont look very healthy!
You have 2 options, replace the Capacitors or replace the motherboard.
You dont have a lot to lose. If you can get some quality Capacitors of the same type/rating cheap, you may as well use this as a way to improve your soldering skills (or ask a friend who's handy at it). Use a solder sucker or solder wick to remove excess solder. It may also help to pull the caps out while holding the soldering iron tip on the Capacitor leg.
If possible, chop the capacitors out and remove the leg traces. Alternatively, you can leave the legs behind and solder new capacitors to them, avoiding overheating the motherboard. The wire length does matter, if left short, it should have no impact.

For 8 Capacitors to start leaking, either the mfr had a faulty batch or they have been getting quite hot for some time.

Good luck

if replacing the capacitors, you arent worried about damaging the ones that are there (take care to not lift any pads on the motherboard). You can pull them left/right a bit to expose more of the leg. Make sure you have some tissue handy to mop up any foul smelling oil that comes out of them.
When replacing the caps, these MUST be replaced the right way round. Be VERY careful of which side is + and which is -
Audio Grade Electrolytics may do the job. Dont get the cheapest you can find, seek a little advice.
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