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Originally Posted by brunobm
okayyyy...dammit...i don't trust myself to do this...and i don't know anyone who can...and to pay a technitian (who doesn't know ****, at least here in brazil) it's more expensive than buying a new mobo...

good news is all my memories work fine in this other computer...

there's no other way besides changing capacitors?? its just that i don't really want to buy a new mobo, cuz i'll be tempted to buy quicker memories, than a quicker cpu, etc...and i'm moving for 6 months so only my dad will be using my pc...
lol, I know the feeling
The caps serve a purpose, as you can see the board doesnt work well without them operating. Those big capacitors are used to store power and reduce electrical noise. Removing them entirely may allow the board to run at a slower speed (some may be short circuit). Maybe??? Highly doubtful.
I'm not sure if running the system in this state will be safe for other components (ie your ram). I wouldnt recommend it if you cannot afford to replace anything more.

A new motherboard isnt that costly, especially 3 year old ones. I imagine it would cost less than replacing the ram.

ps clean inside your PC !
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