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Oh thanks guys, I already did all that
Turns out that if you are using an nvidia card and don't uninstall the detonator drivers before replacing it with a different nvidia card, the settings of the old nvidia card remain.
I was temporarily using a geforce 4mx before I replaced it with the 6800GT. But I didn't uninstall the detonator drivers. Guess what? The 6800GT was running on geforce 4mx performance!!!!!

It's alright now. All that's left is that parallax mapping thing in Doom 3.

And btw, the title of the thread is not meant as a statement to the 6800GT's performance, it's a description of my problem so read it like this:

6800GT not that great *for me*

In case anyone thinks I'm dissing the 6800GT and wants to start flaming!
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I'd like a hardware card than can transform random amounts of ****ty plot and dialogue into brilliant stories of planescape: torment proportions. That would truly make games better.
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