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Originally Posted by Chernobyl
To answer your second post first.
Its highly likely the caps are the reason you saw stability problems with your Ram. Power to the Ram needs to be pretty stable. To take it a stage further, there is a device which sits in a Ram slot which stabilises the Ram power and gives more headroom for overclocking. Looking at the location of the capacitors, they may not be directly associated with power to the Ram but are undoubtedly having a bad effect.

The Abit NF7 V2.0 is one motherboard of choice. The S2 version is not as good.
I highly recommend the very cheap and wonderfully clockable Asus A7N8x-x. Its a single channel DDR board (not that it matters on XP CPU's). It doesnt have soundstorm though. If you currently use and like soundstorm, get another board that has it. The Abit AN7 is one such board but not the cheapest. My AN7 is running in single channel DDR mode and is lovely
There are many good Nforce V2.0 boards.

If you choose not to keep your PC relatively clean inside you will suffer other component failures as well. I seriously recommend giving it a clean every 6 months at least given the amount of dust you say gets accumulated.
All heatsinks/fans and components need a good dusting off.
You may like to try using ladies tights as air filters before/on your case fans. A loose wire mesh cage should be made to lay the tights over if attaching directly to your fans. Clean the filter even more regularly as it will accumulate dust faster than a raw fan will.

My PC also get dirty quickly, its just one of those things.

Good luck getting a nice motherboard
ok, ok...but there are 8 "broken" caps!! there are six to the left of the cpu and those two on the picture which are below. one of the caps must have affected the memories cuz they don't work!! and the mobo gives a memory error, C1!! but one way or another, i really need to change my mobo, right?

concerning the motherboard, i heard that the NF7-S Rev 2.0 is excellent isn't it? the plain NF7 is actually better? how about the Asus A7N8x-x, it' better than the Abit? or just more overclockable...but i prefer abit to asus anyways, at least for AMD...and the an7 is more expensive than i'd like it to be...

please help me as soon as possible with this choice cuz i have to buy it by the end of this week!
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