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Ok I found a fix after lots of searching.

Here it is:

Originally Posted by junkguy
After further investigating the driver compatibility problems, it seems that you should do the following if you see obvious graphical errors with this mod:

If you have an ATI card, make sure you have at least Catalyst 4.7 or 4.8.

If you have a Nvidia card, make sure you have the newest drivers and
do the following:
1. Open pak_parallax.pk4 with winzip and extract interaction.vfp from
the glprogs folder
2. Open interaction.vfp with wordpad/notepad and delete the line that says
OPTION ARB_precision_hint_fastest;
3. Save it and put it back into the zip in the correct folder
(replace the old one).
Thanks to junkguy from doom3files

6800GT users, now you should really try this mod.

I attached a pic
Attached Thumbnails
6800gt not that great :(-shot00001.jpg   6800gt not that great :(-noparallax.jpg  
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