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Originally Posted by brunobm
ok, ok...but there are 8 "broken" caps!! there are six to the left of the cpu and those two on the picture which are below. one of the caps must have affected the memories cuz they don't work!! and the mobo gives a memory error, C1!! but one way or another, i really need to change my mobo, right?

concerning the motherboard, i heard that the NF7-S Rev 2.0 is excellent isn't it? the plain NF7 is actually better? how about the Asus A7N8x-x, it' better than the Abit? or just more overclockable...but i prefer abit to asus anyways, at least for AMD...and the an7 is more expensive than i'd like it to be...

please help me as soon as possible with this choice cuz i have to buy it by the end of this week!
Its likely that more than 1 capacitor is now responsible for your Ram instability and failure to POST (or they will be soon!).
Its your choice to repair or replace
All the dodgy looking capacitors should be replaced.
I would also replace any others that are of the same type too, you dont want to go through this again.

Yes the NF7-S Rev 2.0 is a top board. As for another board being better, thats up to whether it has the features you want. Clocking is a hit/miss thing even on the Ultra boards.
Paying money for a Dual Channel DDR board if you arent going to use Dual channel can be avoided if that Asus board (and others) fits your bill. You can clock a little higher using Single Channel mode on the Dual boards too.

Using an unlocked chip makes it easier to test the CPU/motherboard limits
Some NF7 V2.0 boards clock way beyond 240MHz FSB (480MHz DDR), some struggle to make 215MHz in Dual Channel mode. If you arent clocking, your choice is down to the motherboard features.
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