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Originally Posted by brunobm
i sent my motherboard to a place where they fix it, told em about the apparent problems with the caps and about the memory warning...

the deadline finishied and they still haven't fixed my board...they changed the caps and said it still doesn't work!

what else could the problem be?

Oops, I wouldnt have paid someone to do that in case as you say it still doesnt work.

Its difficult to diagnose a dead board without any diagnostic equipment. I take it you are still getting the C1 error?
The CMOS must have been reset by now (battery removal etc). If not, reset the CMOS again. Try using only known working parts in the board for testing.
Start off with the bare minimum (Ram, CPU).
Look for any way of making the C1 error change and let us know if it does.

Good luck
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