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have you seen the size of the download! 41.7Mb and i'm on 56K (which gets disconnected automatically every 2 hours by my ISP).Anyway, when i tried Halo 1, i got an error saying that there were problems between my graphics card and the game so it's a bit crap.I've fitted the parts and it's all nice and cool now. The UV light doesn't show up too good in my case because of the blue lights but if i disconnect them, it's too dark so i'm going to get some UV cold cathodes or UV LED's next time i order as well as some other stuff. Cable tidy kits will be top of the list. I am planning to get the following next time:

Akasa Cable Tidy Kit
Vantec Slot Protector Kit - Blue
Akasa Hard Disk Cooler - Blue
System Exhaust Blower
Uv Acrylic Fan Grill - Radiation
Thermaltake Truelight LED Memory Heat Spreader
Some 'frosted glass' sheets

I'm getting the frosted glass sheets so i can stick them to my windows panel (because it is a dodgy shape), it's the stuff that you just remove the backing from and stick on, like they use on some windows. I'm using that to make some small shapes for each panel, there are 8 panels, in a starburst effect coming straight from the windows. I'm also planning on getting some UV spraypaint so i can stencil some designs on.Like i said, the most important things for me to get are cable tidy kits, the memory mod and UV light kit. After that is the UV paint, frosted glass sheets and getting some stencils made. Then the rest of the stuff i mentioned above, which i may not get all of them, possibly just quieter fans.
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