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Originally posted by Holst

Have you tried cranking up the voltage a bit to overclock some more ?
I haven't gotten all my parts yet, but when I get it all together, i'm gonna let it run at 2.1 for a while to see how it handles.

I know I could probably get this chip much higher but the problems is that every motherboard has its own personality and I have yet to experiment with Gigabyte.
(btw, SOYO boards personality toward me seem to say "***** YOU!")

Yeah.. Swiftech HSF sounds good, just don't know if it'll fit.. this Gigabyte board has a line of capicitors that may make things difficult.. may have to chop 'em out (WIIIIIITH... ... ... A HERRING!!) and put low profile ones in..
I thunk Punk I did.. yesssireee..
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