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Originally Posted by luke_t

Firstly congrats on building some good projectors, I have been trying this myself on and off for 2 month now. I've had some success but I've been very unlucky in my tft screen purchases.

Firstly I had an old IBM TFT screen that was 14.1" which was perfect for my 3M projector (400W halogen, very similar to cesiums). However upon taking it apart I discovered that there were 2 strips of printed circuit board along the horizontal and vertical of one side which were conected by a very short ribbon. This meant that when the pcb's were folded back out of the way of the screen the ribbon was no longer long enough to connect them. - result - Fail

Second attempt was a Samsung 152v which I decided to buy from a well known pc retail store in the UK. I got this screen because I saw on the tomshardware site that similar models (152n etc.) were recommended as suitable screen for this project. Sure enough it was great, until disaster struck and one of the pcb stubs on the right of the screen riped off (see photo) this effectivly took out the bottom 1/3 of the screen. - result - fail

Third attempt was a replacement Samsung from that well known pc retailer, however upon opening this screen I noticed that the inards were different from the first one, and I now had a monitor with a small ribbon cable that would not allow the pcb's to be folded back. Just like my first attempt... luckily I managed to take this back and get a full refund. - result - fail.

So now I'm still after a suitable TFT monitor for this project, I haven't lost any money yet so I feel quite lucky. At the same time I'm fraustraed as hell because I have a projector, projector-screen and cooling method... just no damn tft screen...

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, sorry for boring you all with my attempts!


Hi Luke
thanks very much for your input, this is exactly the sort of thing I would like to know.
The 2 screens I used were from BenQ and Iiyama. The BenQ has a yellower tint than the Iiyama and was prone to failure too. The Iiyama is a little diamond. I got the E380S model and recommend it if that helps
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