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Hi Luke
The Iiyama was fairly straight forward to strip apart. Thats my opinion, others may vary Nothing needs breaking and it will go back together ok as long as your remember what goes where.

The reason I mounted vertically is to keep it as one solid unit. This means there is no flexing of fragile parts and you never need touch the electronics so can eliminate static problems from touching it. Its extremely easy to move it without causing any damage.

You rely on Lady Luck for the most part if you want to get these cheap. I got a year old LCD off Ebay for £112. it does have its problems in that the power button rarely works and I have to unplug/replug in the mains a few times to make it power up. It does always work though.
Buying from Iiyama direct it costs £180 ish, not sure what you'd pay if you are in the US.
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