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luke, looks like you have the 3m 9200? thats a good upgrade from the one i have, though id still like to get my hands on a 9550

yeah, my cmv 522a works perfect, and my brother got a 5000 lumen elmo ohp and is going to use his cmv529a, which appears to be the same exact model, only silver. The reason the cmv's are great is because they have a very good contrast ratio, 16ms response time, cheap price, are a breeze to take apart, and they of course place nicely on an overhead (as you can see from my previous picture on post #130). Im sure i could find some extensions for the ribbon cables too if i wanted

as im clear out of funding, no new ohp for me, but i'll probobly make some sort of apparatus to hold my lcd stuff in place. I was thinking about 2 glass panes to go on either side of the tft and connect them together, then i could make 4 holes in it, stick 4 nails in the ohp and jsut place the panel down where i want it and it will stay put. still need to do something about the pc boards though

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