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Thanks for the replys guys,

I've included some photos of my projector setup, my projector is the 3M 9550. Sounds like its a good one to have... could you tell me why?

On the photos you can see my diy cooling method, its basically an extractor fan that is powered off the mains supply to the projector. The box channels the air through to a 1 cm gap the width of the ohp glass.

I saw on cesiums images that he cut out the corners on his ohp, I think I relly need to do this too. Also did you remove the glass from the top of you ohp, because I find it to be a heat shield... operating temperature of a screen on the projector was 34 degrees. I'd imagine that without the glass panel there it would be maybe 5+ degrees higher?

I'm going to carry on searching for a screen today, the trick is to find one you can take apart easily, without destroying the case.

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