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Confused - HDD wiped clean (data and partitions) by crash

I have just reinstalled XP - probably temporary whilst i wait for new HDD but,

Earlier tonight the PC crashed - was only running antivirus in back ground, whilst i got ready to go out.

Then come boot up it just wouldnt -

so i put in XP disk, went to try a repair - no record,
went to reistall - found that the partitions had been wiped and i was left with 60 gig unformatted partition.

Any ideas why this would happen, and is it likely this HDD is on its way out.

It a 3 year old 60 gig Seagate 7200, but cant hear it making any unsual noise.

This install of XP has been stable for 30 minutes - but not going to reactivate it on this disk.
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