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well first off I would go visit and download a copy of SEATools (I think that is what they are currently calling it) so you can run the factory tests to see if the drive is indeed bad. If it is, you MAY be in luck. Seagate offers the best warranty around, currently FIVE years though I can't say what the warranty might be on your drive. Worth a shot, and if it is bad you might get a new drive out of the deal. If not, something else is wrong - virus or trojan, failing IDE controller, bad ribbon cable - hard to say for sure without being there. Make sure you are NOT connected to the inmternet when you set up WIndows until you get both a firewall and a virus scanner operating. This is no joke it takes just a couple of minutes of vulnerability and you are virused! And I strongly recommend Service Pack 2 for XP, the firewall is decent, and if you want you can install a better one.

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