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Originally Posted by GrahamGarside
good point but those prices are already up and plenty of other people do this, though I doubt the numbers are high, so why should this guy write off £300?
ahh the moral implications are baffling
Sorry to have to disagree. Once a person alters a product they have no right to complain if it no longer functions. When one performs such alterations one implicitly is saying "I can make it work better" And often they can.

But when things go wrong, who but ourselves can we blame? If the fault is entirely our own, then that's where the responsibility lies.

It doesn't matter weather one feels one got a good deal in the first place, one accepted the deal!

If I change a safety feature on a car, to make it safer, then I can't blame Ford if I suffer for it.

What I would do is call them up and talk nice to them, tell them you saved for a while to get it and wanted to improve the cooling and things went wrong, ask them if they can help you out of a jam. Tell them you have a long memory for those who DO help you out etc.
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