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1. Go into Bios and set HT to 800 (defaults to 1000).
Reason: The 3400 is only capable of a 4x Hyper Transport (HT) multiplier and the 5x setting really really screws that cpu up.

2. (Still In Bios) Set first Boot Device to CD, put XP cd in Drive.
When it says "Hit any key to boot from CD" hit any key (I usually hit the enter key).

3. Run the Windows Setup and pick where you want the OS to go.
Note: if you are installing the OS to a SATA drive you will need to do Step 4

4. At the "Hit F6 to install SCSI or other drivers" Hit F6 and put in the floppy that comes with the motherboard (this contains the SATA drivers).
This is only needed if you are installing OS to a SATA drive. If you are installing OS to an IDE (fat 80pin ribon) Drive then you can install the SATA drivers after windows does its first boot (after setup finish's).

Set back let the setup copy the files over to the drive (may need to format drive as well depending things).

Another Note: If you are installing the OS to an IDE drive, have that drive on a seperate IDE cable then the CD drive with the OS CD.
IDE can only do 1 thing at a time, so its either read from cd or write to drive and having them on the same cable increases the amount of time it takes to write the files to the drive from the CD.

That last note also hold's true for any install you do.
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