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Originally Posted by sasrob
well the temp on the gpu was on just 3-4c over the stock cooler plus i have looked all over the card nothing looked burned out. i have burned out processor befor

as for the moles connector do u mean the little round rubber things?? not to sure sorry mate i will put some pics of the card up soon i may have missed something???
Molex connectors are the 4 pin, recangular shaped plastic connectors that power HDDs optical drives, and dead 6800GTs. Ive had the same experience as graham, if you forget to plug the external power supply (the molex connector) into the 6800GT, then it will not run. Also if you use a shared molex on the 6800GT, then it will either not work or have strange effects. I tried running a 12V .18 amp fan on the same molex lead... NOPE 6800 does not share its toys, or its molex cables. Make sure you have a dedicated lead straight from the PSU through to the card. NO extra stops
Im very glad you were honest with them mate, good form
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