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I finally went dual processing

So, I started this pet project a month ago, managed to get two 800MHz P3s for some stuff. Later traded those and a 1ghz t-bird and 256mb ram for 2 1000MHz P3s.
I then baught a board off ebay, then got some ram out of a trade.
Here is the final product.
2x 1000MHz P3s Coppermine-T, 133MHz fsb each, 256KB cache each.
Acer M25d mobo out of a Altos 600 server.
ATi 9000pro 64MB overclocked to 300MHz/300MHz
40GB Seagate HDD, and a 80GB Western digital, both 7200RPM and 2MB cache
40x12x40 Polaroid BurnMAX 40
350watt raidmax PSU


So, the question is.
How do the processors work in conjunction with eachother?

I feels really fast.
Linux(Ubuntu) and Windows(XP) User. Dual-Booting.
Desktop: Intel E6600 2.4Ghz@3.2GHz(355MHz*9@1.3V), 6GB G. Skill DDR2-800(4-4-4-12 2T@2.0V), EVGA Nforce 680i LT SLI, NVIDIA 8500GT 512MB(500MHz Core + 450MHz Mem) etc, etc.

AOA Team fah
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