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whats faster.........

Socket A Sempron 3000+ 2.0 Ghz 512KB L2 cache

Socket A 3200xp 2.2 ghz 512kb L2 cache

whats the faster one then i would think that the xp will still win as it runs a 400fsb not just 333fsb like the sempron i am running 3200xp now and i was thinking would i have more power if i was to use the 3000 sempron i'v looked into it and i'm starting to think that the xp is still the best bet to stay with as on the socket A sempron do not support the sse2 it's only sse

sabertooth 990FX
amd FX8350 @4.2ghz
16GB 1600mhz hyperX ram
AMD HD7970 3GB asus DCPC graphics
hyperX 120GB SSD
WD 320GB hard drive
1TB,500GB working over usb3
corsair HX850 psu
aerocool cyclone black case
window 8.1
asus monitor 24" 1920x1200 res.
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