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Originally Posted by GrahamGarside
hopefully this will see s754 semprons fall in price, they are meant to be the budget end after all
Socket A is cheap, mostly due to mfgr's using a marginal pricing strategy. While socket A mobos have been improved significantly since the KT133, mfgrs have been able to utilitize existing fabs for the most part, making minor tweaks along the way. Only when s754 can reach a certain volume, can pricing go down significantly...

Not really worth my effort, personally. I'll skip s754, thank you very much. Given all my systems running 2.2ghz+, even real dual channel isn't worth it for me. Unless 3ghz+ becomes easy on s939, I'm in no rush... until dual core becomes an option, I don't see the balance shifting on cost/performance/value. I may be sticking with my 4 socket A's for another year or so.... maybe longer.
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