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Got an upgrade for free!

Dear citizen of Rubi-Ka,

Your account can now be upgraded to Shadowlands at no cost!

Due to overwhelming demand, we are bringing back our Upgrade to Shadowlands
for Free offer for a limited time.

To use this free offer, upgrade must be done between Friday Feb 25th 2005 and
Thursday 17th of March 2005. You also receive the award winning booster pack
Notum Wars as an added bonus. (Saving you $19.95*)

Here are some features offered in Shadowlands:

-The floating city of Jobe. A city quite unlike any other in the entire
galaxy, a city floating in thin air, hovering silently above the landscape.
-New astonishing playfields
-Two new professions
-Specializations & Perks. Character development and combat are taken
one step further with the introduction of perks, profession specialization
and special attacks.
-The faction system in Shadowlands will introduce new levels of gameplay.
Your actions will have direct consequences on where you're allowed to go,
who will attack you, and who will trade with you.
-A new array of armor, weapons and other items vital to anyone who dare enter
the Shadowlands.
-20 additional character levels and much more!

If you'd like more information about Shadowlands, we invite you to find out more at:
or to view the Shadowlands trailers available at

Ready to upgrade?
Simply log into your account at and choose to
"Upgrade to Shadowlands". If you require additional files to take advantage of
this offer please visit: .
Upgrading an account is permanent and cannot be reversed.

*Upgrading your subscription requires that your account has your payment details.
Subscription fees starting as low as $7.95 per month for a full year plan.

We thank you again for joining Anarchy Online and hope you will remain with us for
many years to come.

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AOA Team fah
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