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No longer able to backup dvds..

I had to rebuild my machine after my 8rda3+ crapping the bed.. I now have an 8rda3+pro w/ the ide drivers from the 4.27 nforce package.. I have been able to backup data to dvd's but can't back up my dvd's anymore.. it goes through the whole writing process but when I put the dvd in it, there isn't anything on it and it won't play in my dvd player. I know the burner still works for backups because I had it in an older machine and it worked just fine. I'm using DVD Decryper & DVD Shrink.. with the latest version of Nero.

I've tried backing up 2 different movies and even one I backed up before but they all didn't work just wound up with six coasters . I was using the default Windows XP SP2 IDE drivers before the 4.27 ones if that makes a difference.
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