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Originally posted by RudyNg
The only way to utilise this blower for cooling computer effectively is to control the air flow of the fan.
With all the back pressure and turbulance that the air pressure from the fan is contributing, the area that need the most criticle cooling ( CPU ) may not be cooled efficiencly.
As such the balancing of the air flow to suit the casing is very important for optimium performance.
The blower will be attached to the outside of the case right above the CPU HS so that it blows directly onto the HS. Don't worry about chip cooling, it will be very good, much better than any chip fan you can put on the HS (comparable at the very least).

As far as air flow control, I'm sure there will be hot spots in the case just by looking at the case air flow design, but all major and important components should have very good air flow and be very cool .
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