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Keyboard stopped responding in XP os

hi there guys ive just noticed that my keyboard in the
windows platform has stopped responding !!!!

But when i boot into my linux it works fine!

when i look in the device manager i can see there the
exclaimation marks beside the keyboard,
so i then went into the properties of this device and
it tells me that the keyboard drivers are installed
but it cant find the device it self. (code 41)
now i know the keyboard is working because im typing this from linux right now

Ok these are the diags ive done so far,

disabled and renabled

restarted the pc and still notthing.

uninstalled and restarted and still notthing.

reset the Bios to defaults and still same thing

uninstalled and reinstalled my saitek drivers for the
x45 and still nothing.

restarted the PC with all basic config still doesnt work.............

booted into safe mode and the keyboard is not working there either......

so at the moment im kinda scratching my head wondering what the hell is up with it.

does any body know the full command for when i goto the run in the start menu ....

it starts off with ........... SFC ???????somthing goes after that..

the command is for checking the windows file integerty system32 etc....

thanks for you time gentlemen and ladies
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