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PSU dying?

Im running an AMD XP2700+ (Thoroughbred-B 333FSB) on an EPOX 8KRA2+ Mobo, for the last year or so I've been running the processor at 14x by 169FSB giving about a 10% OC. This is not much but the system crashes if i push it much further. Im using Crucial PC2700 normal RAM with aggressive settings, however the memory system lacks performance on the KT600.

Anyway the question I have is whether my PSU is up to the job, recently my system has suffered from a lot of instability, Im using USDM version3 to monitor my voltages and CPU temp. The 5V rail in particular seems really low, its never actually within the ATX specification of 4.75 to 5.25 Volts, at idle it reads 4.65V when I run anything intensive like DVD transencoding, it will dip to 4.48V this seems dangerously low to me. Also when I run intensive applications my PC usually crashes not after long.

So I am wondering how accurate the USDM measurement is, the 12V rail, AGP voltage, and VDimm are pretty much spot on, but then I've heard that athlons need a strong 5V supply, could this be why my system is crashing?

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems?

The PSU I am using was pretty cheap, from Ebuyer, admittedly it says 550 on the model and has worked ok before. Once I checked the Molex connectors with a multimeter that was fairly accurate (+/-2%), it measured 4.98V which seems fine. However I did not check the voltages on the motherboard itself, so could it be the motherboard voltage regulation causing a drop from the 5V supply?
As you can see I have many questions so any help would be appreciated.
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