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hmm, not bad at all actually, especially as it can cool CPU or case, i could pay for these next week but i am buying some HD's off someone for a few quid. As i'm relatively new to the modding scene (can't really class changing fans as modding but it does count) i've only got experience with a few good suppliers such as coolermaster, (used to be good) 3DFX and ebuyer extra value ( ).

I don't think i will be going with akasa after what Graham said and the nexus ones are outside my price range, it would take me more than 3 weeks to save up to buy 3 so it isn't really an option ATM. I will try the fan controller when it arrives though to see if it makes them quieter.

Off topic now, i am thinking of writing a 'tutorial' if you like, on how to get good looks without much performance increase if you're on a budget. Another though i've had was a mod tutorial archive on the main site. Say a member writes a modding how to for a certain mod and it's really good and has been approved by the moderators and admins then it should be published on the main site. Just a thought.
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