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you install MBM and see if it reports different.

measuring voltages (or other electrical units) in a running system isn't that easy ; doing it without damaging something that is ...

If the reporting was 0.1 Volts off, then you could attribute that to the board's circuitry, but you have very low voltages there.
If you add 0.1V to those you would have 4.75V idle and 4.58V full load; that 's bad, even after the 'so-called' (possible) correction.

If I were in your shoes, I try and test my system with another PSU (perhaps a modern one of 350W or more) to look what happens ...

What does the Bios/Setup report as Voltages, f.e. Vcore, +5V, etc. ???

Compare those with the MBM 's output and the ones you mentioned and let us know ...

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